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Here at Fireball, we are all about turning up. It’s so important. it’s the message that we send to all of our players, young and old: the first step to improvement is turning up. We love to see our players as a family-and, like all the best families, there should be just a little bit of competition (and a healthy slice of reward!)

That’s why we’ve created our ‘Fireball Family’ table. It’s where you can track how many Fireball events you have attended. And we are dangling a little carrot for you-when you reach 25, 50 and 100 events, you will earn your bronze, silver or gold Fireball badge. These are unique and only given out for this purpose. Think Blue Peter badges, but better… Here’s a sneak preview:

As well as that, everyone who came to 5 events in our inaugural year received a special fireball badge. 66 people earned badges in 2021!

Anyway, here’s where you can see where you are on the table! We update the table every couple of months. We will always put a date at the top of when it was last updated.

All registrations made up to Wednesday 9th February 2022.

The Fine Print…

Training blocks count as one event. So, if you signed up to multiple days of a holiday camp, this counts as just one event-likewise our regular junior training, each half term counts as one event.

The numbers on the above table are events that you have signed up to by that date-these include any you have signed up for in the future. We will give out the badges in person at your landmark event or at the end of year awards dinner (Southwest series).

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