Interview with FIVB Commentator Lewie Lett

FIVB Commentator Lewie Lett interview

Lewie’s husky tones have resounded from TVs and computers across the world as one of the top international commentators in the world. He has covered some of the biggest games and events this year, including the World Finals in Rome and the World Championships in Hamburg.

How did he get into it? What are some of the tricks of the trade? And where does he see the sport going? These are all questions I put to him on today’s interview.

If you want to find out a bit more about Lewie, you can head to his website here. You can also watch his showreel below:
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  1. Qian

    Sam! My boyfriend and I are the biggest fans of Lewie’s commentating!!! Watching his games are like getting extra coaching sessions!

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