Northern Series: Season Midpoint


Hi everyone, we’ve officially hit the midpoint of this year’s Northern Series, held jointly by Fireball, Skyball Volleyball Club and Everton Volleyball.

Don’t worry if you missed a tournament, here’s a quick run down on all of the events that have taken place so far.

14th May– South Shields

The first round kicked off to much excitement at the gorgeous South Shields Beach in Newcastle, hosted by Fireball. Tomas Zavrel & Peter Hockey used their fantastic teamwork to their advantage to net themselves the win in the Men’s competition. For the Ladies event, Aitana Schlie & Kennedy Mason put on a stellar performance and took home the win.

21st May – Bridlington

Hosted by Skyball on the beautiful sands of South Cliff Beach in Bridlington, round two was full of skill. Ladies team Jitka Lopez & Michaela Kalinova snagged the top spot with an excellent show of strategy. Ruari Souter & Murray Paterson took the court by storm to snatch a win in the Men’s event.

11th June – Bridlington

The third round, once again at hosted by Skyball at South Cliff Beach, was the most recent event in the series. Issac Gasson-Hudson & Harry Sandford brought their A-Game to claim victory in the Men’s event. A spectacular show of technique by Ladies Joanna Langwald & Rebecca Laffan had them cinching victory.

Top Players

Now that we’ve got you up to speed with the series so far, let’s take a look at the top ranking players.

Ruari Souter

Ruari Souter is currently at the top of the Men’s Rankings. His first competition in the series was the first round, hosted by Fireball where he and his partner Nikolaos Stougiannos managed to place 2nd. He snagged 1st in the second round at Bridlington with Murray Paterson, and a tidy 3rd at the third round in June. Through his skill, he’s managed to net himself a total of 330 points.

Jitka Lopez

At the top of the Women’s Rankings is Jitka Lopez. Jitka’s first tournament in the series was the event in South Shields on 14th May. She’s competed at every event so far, and hasn’t placed any lower than 2nd. Alongside partner Michaela Kalinova, she won the second round of the series. With talent like hers, it’s no wonder she’s leading the rankings with 340 points.

Upcoming Events

So with only three rounds to go before the finals in Bridlington, where is the Northern Series headed next?

The next round is being held at South Cliff Beach in Bridlington on the 16th July, so make sure snag your spot in the event by clicking here.

After that we’ll be headed to the ever popular Crosby Beach for the event hosted by Everton Volleyball on the 24th July, so get your registrations for the event here.

Right before the finals, we’ll be returning to South Shields on the 13th August. You can get your tickets for the event here.

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