Footvolley Series

Welcome to the UK Footvolley Series!

New for 2023, Fireball Beach Sports have collaborated with Swindon Footvolley and UK Footvolley Association to bring you the 2023 UK Footvolley Series. This is the official UK footvolley national tour, with 8 events contributing to players’ national ranking and helping them qualify for our national finals on September 30th!

We are hosting our events across two different venues: Fireball Loxford, in London, and Swindon Footvolley Club. We hope to add other clubs and venues to this in the future.

What You Play For:

We have 2 separate rankings that you can accumulate points for:

National Ranking

  • This is your best 3 results from the 7 official 2023 UK Footvolley Series events, and will be used to rank teams who wish to represent the UK at international tournaments in 2024.
  • Foreign-based players competing in the EFVL European Footvolley League can submit their results to be added to this ranking. EFVL European Footvolley League results will be worth points for your national ranking equivalent – details below

Champions Race

  • This is the race to collect the most points across all 7 official 2023 UK Footvolley Series events
  • Only results from the UK Footvolley Series count towards this ranking.
  • The winner of the Champions Race receives £200 prize money at the end of the season, plus personalised winners gear.

Prizes & Finals

Champions Race

The winner of the Champions Race will receive £200 in prize money and personalised gear. In the event of this being shared between team members then this will be equally shared. If more than two players finish on the same score in the Champions Race, the team or player with the best result in the finals will receive the money.


The “Finals” is the Final event of the 2023 UK Footvolley Series.  The top 16 ranked teams according their National Ranking (see above) will qualify to participate.  Ranking points for the Finals are doubled.

The team that wins the Finals will receive:

  • Become 2023 UKFVA Footvolley Champions 2023
  • #1 Ranking for 2024 season (for international events)
  • Their names on the new UKFV annual trophy, to be kept and returned by the following year.

Each event, the following points are available, dependant on your results.

Final PositionNormal EventFinals

Last updated: 20th June 2023

RankingNameTotal10th June, Swindon25th June, Loxford8th July, SwindonLoxford, 5th August12th August, Swindon9th September, Swindon
1Joao Paulo de Oliveira Souza710120115120120115120
2Vynicius Oliveira685115110105120120115
3Fellype Lopes66011511010595120115
4Icaro Delfino6107011575115115120
5Christiano dos Santos495951201108585
6Thiago Dunstain495951201108585
7Pietro Difran465105901208565
8Rapahael Oliveira44511595120115
9Nicolas Campanha4151209011095
10Lyndon Farr3809510510575
11Lucas Matheus Meirales Gontijo3756510511590
12Thiago Vieira335851058065
13Lucas Medeiros330110110110
14Islan Ali abo El Youser3103585904555
15Victor Hugo Rosa30555758590
16Vinicius Contato30550858090
17Gustavo Henrique290100806050
18Rob Arnold285010510575
19Raphael Pacheco280451006570
20Joao Paulo Coelho Fernandes2651059565
21Dhiego Marques2457510070
22Caio Gomes Mattos240809070
23Vitor Henrique Pereira2401008060
24Rafael Menegussi235859555
25Gianni Difran215409004045
26Leonardo Lugli21025852080
27Washington Ramos21001000110
28Angelo Gabriel205011095
29Matheus Paduletto205011590
30Douglas Gondim180075105
31Felipe Lazaro175855535
32Matheus Cruz175075100
33Pedro Luiz Lima17070100
34Thiago Borges16560603015
35Amanda Sardeli15030402555
36Felipe Cortez1459055
37Matheus Seculo12035353020
38Antonio Martins110110
39Marllon Bruno110110
40Eduardo Farina105554505
41Joao Gabriel Mendes100100
42Miguel Cruz10000100
43Paddy Eccles-Williams100100
44Terry Bowes100100
45Elson Batista95095
46Jadan Pgatti95095
47Jander Santos95203540
48Joshua Hinton9595
49Jean Paul Medeiros9090
50Kerlington de Jesus Borges905040
51Luciano Kano90301050
52Phellipe Maia9045450
53Ray Gabriel Borges906525
54Sean Heptinstall900090
55Victor Hugo dos Santos9090
56Caio Gomes853055
57Bruna Jacomasso8080
58Fernando Birminghan7575
59Matheus Vilas700070
60Paulo Vitor Machado Grigorio705020
61Joselia Vaz65252515
62Mairton Ferreira dos santos6565
63Pedro Alves Fortunato65650
64Mateus Crisol600060
65Igor Barcellos5050
66Davi Giovinazzo450045
67Felipe Vianna45045
68Anderson Lugli400040
69Dani Peleva4040
70Joao Pedro Viera de Oliveira40400
71Henrique Jogador350035
72Juliana Figueredo35350
73Joao Paulo Freitas300030
74Marlon Raymundo30300
75Vitor Castro300030
76Bruno Schoeps25250
77Leomar Souza250025
78Ricardo Lamanca250025
79Leonardo Batata200020
80Vitor Capobianco2020
81Joao Miguel Oliveira150015
82Rozair Marques100010
83Yan Santos100010
84Celso Padilha55
RankingNameRanking Points10th June, Swindon25th June, Loxford8th July, SwindonLoxford, 5th August12th August, Swindon9th September, SwindonHartberg EuropeanSchwabisch GmundSt Laurent
1Daine Morris520200160160
2Michael Harvey Elias520200160160
3Joao Paulo de Oliveira Souza360120115120120115120
4Vynicius Oliveira355115110105120120115
5Fellype Lopes35011511010595120115
6Icaro Delfino3507011575115115120
7Rapahael Oliveira35011595120115
8Lucas Medeiros330110110110
9Christiano dos Santos325951201108585
10Nicolas Campanha3251209011095
11Thiago Dunstain325951201108585
12Pietro Difran315105901208565
13Lucas Matheus Meirales Gontijo3106510511590
14Lyndon Farr3059510510575
15Rob Arnold285010510575
16Thiago Vieira270851058065
17Joao Paulo Coelho Fernandes2651059565
18Vinicius Contato25550858090
19Victor Hugo Rosa25055758590
20Dhiego Marques2457510070
21Caio Gomes Mattos240809070
22Gustavo Henrique240100806050
23Vitor Henrique Pereira2401008060
24Rafael Menegussi235859555
25Raphael Pacheco235451006570
26Islan Ali abo El Youser2303585904555
27Washington Ramos21001000110
28Angelo Gabriel205011095
29Matheus Paduletto205011590
30Leonardo Lugli19025852080
31Douglas Gondim180075105
32Felipe Lazaro175855535
33Gianni Difran175409004045
34Matheus Cruz175075100
35Pedro Luiz Lima1707000100
36Thiago Borges15060603015
37Felipe Cortez145900055
38Amanda Sardeli12530402555
39Antonio Martins11000110
40Marllon Bruno11011000
41Eduardo Farina105554505
42Joao Gabriel Mendes10000100
43Matheus Seculo10035353020
44Miguel Cruz100000100
45Paddy Eccles-Williams10001000
46Terry Bowes10001000
47Elson Batista950095
48Jadan Pgatti950095
49Jander Santos9520003540
50Joshua Hinton959500
51Jean Paul Medeiros909000
52Kerlington de Jesus Borges9005040
53Luciano Kano90301050
54Phellipe Maia9045450
55Ray Gabriel Borges9006525
56Sean Heptinstall900090
57Victor Hugo dos Santos900090
58Caio Gomes8530055
59Bruna Jacomasso808000
60Fernando Birminghan757500
61Matheus Vilas700070
62Paulo Vitor Machado Grigorio70005020
63Joselia Vaz65252515
64Mairton Ferreira dos santos656500
65Pedro Alves Fortunato656500
66Mateus Crisol600060
67Igor Barcellos505000
68Davi Giovinazzo450045
69Felipe Vianna450045
70Anderson Lugli400040
71Dani Peleva4040000
72Joao Pedro Viera de Oliveira400400
73Henrique Jogador350035
74Juliana Figueredo350350
75Joao Paulo Freitas300030
76Marlon Raymundo300300
77Vitor Castro300030
78Bruno Schoeps250250
79Leomar Souza250025
80Ricardo Lamanca250025
81Leonardo Batata200020
82Vitor Capobianco202000
83Joao Miguel Oliveira150015
84Rozair Marques100010
85Yan Santos100010
86Celso Padilha5000005

Last updated: Tuesday 20th June 2023

EFVL ResultUKFV Points Equivalent

Please note-these points only count towards your national ranking, not your champions race ranking.

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