Types of Beach Volleyballer: Which are You?

Two types of Fireball Beach volleyball players in Cardiff.

Do you recognise yourself, or someone else? I bet you do….

1. The Duracell Bunny

You’re the first on the beach in the morning, and the last off it, well after darkness has fallen. You’ll try to convince anyone and everyone to play, and you are always the one saying “just one more?” You’ll play with anyone and everyone, just as long as they fuel your addiction….

2. The ‘They all count’

You love Laura Ludwig, and you’re full of phrases like ‘all points are born equal’. You don’t care what you look like or playing pretty volleyball-all you want is to win. And, deep inside, you get a lot of satisfaction when your one armed, over on one swipe lands right in the corner. Sorry not sorry.

3. The Social Butterfly

Yes, you love the volleyball. But what you love just as much is a chat. You’re the player that doesn’t stop talking as you’re playing; you chat while you dig, and you talk while you spike. And the talk doesn’t stop off the court-you love watching and being a part of it, and making sure that Insta story always has at least 10 photos on it!

4. ‘I don’t warm up’

You always turn up just on time to start, not because you’re late, but because you don’t want to warm up. You spend the first two sets just hopping and playing in your tracksuit bottoms, and never bother taking your jumper off. It’s fine, though, as you can comfort yourself that you’re only playing at 70%. Just imagine how good you’d be if you did warm up?

5. ‘The Sun is always out somewhere’…

Regardless whether it is raining, blowing a gale or below freezing, you don’t miss a chance to expose some flesh. You are the one that everyone else can never explain. Crazy is a compliment for you. You’ll never pack a jumper for volleyball, and can’t explain why anyone ever would.

6. The planner

You’re the one that is always on your Whatsapp or Facebook groups organising games. You probably have a google sheet of all the players you might ask to play, and you’re probably looking at long-range weather forecasts for next summer already. You’re the one that everyone wants to know, because you’ve just got stuff nailed.

Have I missed any? Or have I got you or a friend spot on? Make sure you tag your friends and let them see for themselves…

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