Beach Volleyball Skill Drills for Kids

Here at Fireball, we love to see the younger generation getting involved with volleyball. We want to ensure that everyone has fun regardless of age or ability. When I was younger, I couldn’t put my volleyball down, I even kept it in my bed when I was sleeping (it was much better than a teddy bear!). It was great but it also meant I needed to think of creative drills that I could do at home, on the beach, with a partner or on my own. So, I have listed some of my favorite volleyball drills for kids. These drills will help you or your child develop the skills needed for the game, the teamwork that is required for this sport and the confidence you’ve been wanting. Each of these drills are fun and engaging and will help the participant(s) stay motivated as they progress.


Peppering is the most common volleyball drill; it is performed from beginners’ level to pro level all over the world. This drill involves two players practicing their volleyball ‘toolbox’ in a controlled setting. It can involve passing, setting, hitting, diving, pokes, tomahawks, one arm digs, headers and more. Some fun ways to spice up your pepper is to do one, two, or three touch pepper in which each person touches the ball to the corresponding number of times. Another one of personal favourite’s pepper’s is one arm speed pepper. This style of pepper results in only touching the ball with one arm whilst trying to pepper the ball as fast as you can between you and your partner. Get creative with your pepper, try out new styles and skills, have fun with it!


For this drill you will set up targets (this can be cones, a sarong, or even just circles drawn in the sand) to aim into. Players can serve or spike at the targets to improve their accuracy. If you’re doing this with multiple people, you can make it competitive or lay out prizes to win if you hit certain targets.

Wall drills:

Ask any of my family members and they’ll say that a lot of my practices involve me, my ball and our garden wall (sorry mum!). A wall is a great partner when no one is around. I loved to practice all my skills including passing, setting, spiking and pokes. It is lost cost and can be done anywhere at any time. To make this more fun compete against yourself or someone else. See how many digs you can get in a row for example.

These are just some of the drills I loved to do when I was younger. They are great to do on your own or with other volleyball enthusiasts. Try them out and let me know what you think!



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