Southwest Series: Season Midpoint


Hi everyone, we’re now at the midpoint of this year’s Southwest Series, so we thought we’d give you the run down on how each tournament has gone.

14th-18th April – Cardiff

The first round kicked off in the beautiful Victoria Park in Cardiff, and what an event it was. First up were the Juniors on the 14th April. Tio Constantinou & Azlan Maghur snatched the win in the U18s men’s tournament, and Eleni Constantinou & Molly Quinn beat out the competition in the U18s women’s event.

On the 17th April, the Men’s & Women’s tournaments were held. Mercedes Garcia & Claire Skidmore displayed fantastic technique to snag the win in the Women’s event, and Maciej Kubia & Dan Mrowiec claimed victory in the Men’s tournament.

The Mixed tournament took place on the 18th April. Urmas Terasmaa & Ivonna Prince did a cracking job in the rain to win the tournament.

21st-22nd May – Exmouth

Next up was the second round, held at Exmouth Beach in Exmouth. The Men’s and Women’s events took place on the 21st May, and each team brought their best. Claudia De Luca & Barbara Zorzi took the court by storm in the Women’s event to take home the win. A stellar performance by Jonathan Fray Luiz & Mike Constantinou netted them the win in the Men’s Tournament.

Sunday 22nd May gave us the Mixed and Junior tournaments of Round 2, with exciting matches all around. Jonathan Fray Luiz & Julia Constantinou came to win, and win the Mixed tournament they did. As for the Junior events, Eleni Constantinou & Molly Quinn once again snagged the win for the U18 Women’s event. Heidi Bright & Harry Brett gave as good as they got in the U18s Men’s event, which gave them the win.

2nd-3rd June – Barry Island

The third round took place on the gorgeous Barry Island Beach, and doubled as a qualifier for the Welsh Grand Slam. Every team brought their A-Game for a shot at competing in the Grand Slam over the weekend, and what a dramatic showing it was.

The Junior tournament had the audience on the edge of their seats on Thursday 2nd June, with Madog Hammond & Zak Maghur putting in an amazing performance to snatch a win. Not to be outdone though, Heidi Bright & Katie Tuohey claimed victory in the junior women’s event.

The Men’s and Women’s events took place the next day. Valentin Pirnog & Valdis Baranovs’s brilliant strategy dominated the competition in the Men’s event. The technique shown by Lucy Knott & Tara Eaton had the pair taking home the win in the Women’s event.

18th-19th June – Cardiff

We returned to Victoria Park in Cardiff for the fourth round of the series, and every player gave a breath-taking performance. 18th June brought us the Men’s and Women’s tournaments, with Jonathan Fray Luiz & Mike Constantinou putting on a spectacular show for the spectators to nab a win. Silvia Angelini & Floe Ermeje got down to business, defeating their opponents in style in the Women’s event.

Sunday’s Mixed and Junior events heated up the courts, with Conor Robins & Hunter Ferrel displaying some amazing teamwork to win the Mixed tournament. Tio Consantinou & Azlan Maghur put in a stunning performance to snare a victory in the Junior tournament.

25th-26th June – Croyde

Finally, last weekend took us to Croyde Bay for the latest stop of the series. The Men’s and Women’s events began bright and early on the morning of the 25th. Fantastic strategy by Men’s team Karol Baginski & Tim Latcham snatched them the win. Women’s team Eleni Constantinou & Molly Quinn netted themselves a win thanks to their brilliant show of teamwork.

Juniors Harry Brett & Harry Hebard did a smashing job in blowing the competition out of the water on Sunday. The technique shown by Karol Baginski & Elena Pandolfelli had them cruising to victory in the Mixed event.

Top Players

Now that we’ve got you up to speed with the series so far, let’s take a look at the top ranking players.

Zak Jama

Zak Jama is currently at the top of the Men’s Rankings. He began competing in the series at the Mixed event in Cardiff on the 18th April. Since then he’s taken part in every event held so far. Whilst he hasn’t yet won a tournament, he has consistently placed high in events, netting him a total of 672 points.

Hunter Ferrel

At the top of the Women’s Rankings is Hunter Ferrel. Like Zak, her first tournament in the series was the Mixed event in Cardiff on the 18th April. She’s competed at every event since, netting herself a win in the Mixed event held in Cardiff on the 19th June. In total, Hunter has scored a whopping total of 700 points across the season.

Tio Constantinou

Tio Constantinou is currently leading the Junior Rankings. He’s competed in every Junior event thus far, with two wins under his belt. His first win of the series came at the first event of the season in Cardiff, and he snagged his second just two weeks ago in Cardiff. Through his consistently high finishes during the series, Tio has a total of 216 points.

Upcoming Events

So with only 6 rounds to go before the finals, where is the Southwest Series headed next?

The next round is being held at Perranporth Beach over the 9th & 10th July, so make sure snag your spot in the event by clicking here.

After that we’ll be headed back to the ever popular Exmouth Beach for tournaments on the 24th July, and the 30th – 31st July, so get your registrations for the events here.

Then we’re returning to Victoria Park in Cardiff for the first weekend of August. You can get your tickets for the event on the 6th and 7th here.

We’ll be making an exciting little U-turn to Exmouth Beach for the 13th-14th August. Don’t forget to secure your place in the tournament here.

Once we’ve completed that little detour, we’ll be stopping back at Croyde Bay from the 26th August – 4th September. Booking your spot is as easy as clicking here. (Psst! Juniors going on the Summer Residential in Croyde get automatic entry, so snap up at spot on the residential here.)

The final round before the finals will be held at Swansea Beach on the 10th & 11th September. Don’t miss out on your last chance to earn points, so register for the event now.

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