Northern Series 2023

Welcome to the Northern Series 2023!

The Northern Series was born in 2022, when a group of organisers in the North of the UK banded together to spread beach volleyball! In our second season we are back bigger and better, with lots of events taking place across the region. Huge thanks to host clubs Skyball, Everton, Sprinks Farm and Fireball.

At each Northern Series event you will earn points towards your Northern Ranking. These will be updated on the Monday after every event, and can be seen below. Your Northern Ranking is what counts to qualify you for our Northern Series Showdown in September, where we have put prize money and a big prize bundle up for grabs!

Check out all the Northern Series events, ranking points and more below.

RankingPlayer NameTotal PointsNorthern Series Slam, 7th MayFireball, South Shields, 8th MayCrosby Beach Series 1 (Slam), 20th MayYorkshire Series I (Slam), 21st MayYorkshire Series II (Slam), 10th JuneSprinks Farm Mixed, 11th JuneCrosby Beach Series 2, 24th JuneNorthern Series Slam, 5th AugustCrosby Beach Series 3, 28th AugustCrosby Beach Series 4 (Slam), 9th SeptNorthern Series Showdown, 16th SeptNorthern Series Showdown, 17th Sept
1Connor Makin6177278427230456078140
2Konrad Sutowski6057278427227666078110
3Adam Meszczynski522969690489696
4Bartosz Bakowski47460903678427296
5Istvan Szaloki4558448459078110
6Rafael De Oliveira398849084140
7Damian Gega3969624968496
8Maciej Kubis387848433368466
9Ruari Souter2989616042
10Mateusz Wolski29442907884
11Artur Zelinski282969690
12Jozef Pecovsky2766648603072
13Romit Aggarwal273783912036
14Freddie Sharpe267783012039
15Maksymilian Makowski246907878
16Milosz Budzilko24666246690
17Lier Martinez20516045
18Marcin Sykala1926030364818
19Luke Smith180604872
20Maciej Duranczyk17742214272
21Bartosz Baran1689078
22Mykyta Zadubniak168664854
23Dylan Parsons1569066
24Pete Makowski1567284
25Said Lopez1567284
26Chun Yat Law15454100
27Adam Kupka1505496
28Ellis Phillips150150
29Iraj Safaee150150
30Josh Cosgrove1447866
31Jack Stephenson138366042
32Owen Parsons138366042
33Ben Woodhouse132603933
34Piotr Knuth1326666
35Lenard Sobieracki130130
36Nikolaos Stougiannos130130
37Ieuan Lamb1293990
38Dylan Newbro126484830
39Tomasz Zaustowicz11118984
40Maksymilian Kurzak108123066
41Eden Cheung100100
42Josh Sturland961878
43Nikita Zadubniak9696
44Sam Walrond9696
45Eimantas Valeisa9090
46Isaac Gasson-Hudson9090
47Nikolaos Skoutelis9090
48Vlad Stratula87211254
49Dan Mrowiec8484
50Toms Jankovskis8484
51Vitalijus Valteris8484
52Michael Smyk8112366
53George Ivanov7272
54Max Galloway7272
55Nathan Wheatley7272
56Sam Bartlett-Tisdall7272
57Charlie Matthews66660
58Dalibor Kazmer6666
59Sean Smith66660
60Shane James6666
61Christopher Speers63603
62Christian Robinson6060
63Tom Mannion603030
64Wojciech Zbucki6060
65Adam Barr5454
66Arkadiusz Szybisty5454
67Dawid Skora5454
68Elkan Lau5454
69Euan Anderson5454
70Irek Karpierz542430
71Sam Shenton5454
72Szymon Krzemień51483
73Nick Stugianos4848
74Jan Pyter4848
75Rafal Pietrykowski4848
76Robert Kowalski4848
77Will Miller4848
78Joe Monteiro4545
79Ewan Squire4242
80Jakub Nawrat4242
81James Collins4242
82Paul Mock4242
83Sergey Mileyko4242
84Alex Kiggell3636
85Garsio Fernandes3636
86Kieran Devlin3636
87Theo Crisan3636
88Thomas Parker3636
89Xander Thompson3333
90Zackary Philyaw3333
91Josh Kermode3030
92Dominic Jeynes3030
93James Gray3030
94Piotr Lesniak3030
95Jay Ford2727
96Michal Rylski2424
97Seb Coddington2424
98Jens Schlechter1818
99Michal Pocinek1818
100Anthony Hignett1515
101Valentin Pirnog66
102Jan Rybak33
RankingPlayer NameTotal Points20th April, Cardiff
1Clare Skidmore120120
2Daniella Webb-Porto120120
3Beth Morgan115115
4Silvia Angelini115115
5Annika Hermann110110
6Mercedes Garcia110110
7Olga Gladosz105105
8Petra Vukmirovic105105
9Milana Kovalevska100100
10Valeria Romero-Soriano100100
11Anita Nonev9595
12Martina Tremaroli9595
13Alexia Mohr-Knox9090
14Nicole Bacon-Peniche9090
15Ines Gomes8585
16Aggie Kozlowska8585
17Maria Valderrabano8080
18Laura Heyworth8080
19Erin Jefferys7575
20Kata Lendvai7575
21Patrycja Banasiak7070
22Ariyo Fukui7070
23Beatriz Gutierrez6565
24Amy Baldwin6565
25Levi Painter6060
26Aikaterini Velli6060
27Andrea Drobna5555
28Nadia Letucheva5555
29Freya Astbury5050
30Rayen Mohr-Arqueros5050
RankingPlayer NameTotal PointsSeeding Points20th April, Cardiff
1Caitlin Smith120120120
2Oliver Long115115115
3Chloe Hinwood-Mcatee110110110
4Sidney Morgan105105105
5Seren Fennell100100100

Northern Series FAQs

Some of the Northern Series events are part of the UKBT. This will be clearly signposted on the event entry page. The UK Beach Tour (UKBT) is the national beach volleyball tour. Being part of the national tour means that your results from these events count towards a national ranking.

To play in a UKBT event, you need a valid UKBT membership. These last a year. To buy one, you can head here.

The Northern Series offers events at a few different levels. Here’s a description of each of them below:


These are for junior players (U17) looking to get into beach volleyball. Beginenrs are more than welcome!


These are casual, informal events perfect for players looking for a chilled tournament. These are great for first-time players, players trying beach for the first time coming from indoors, or experienced players wanting to play a casual event with a friend! Some of these events are 1* UKBT tournaments.


These are our events for more serious players. They are all UKBT 3* tournaments, so count towards your national ranking. They are designed for people who’ve played beach for a while or good level indoor players looking for a challenge on the beach.


Our Showdown is our season finale. It’s worth the most points, and is a 2-day celebration of all things Northern Series. Fireball will be hosting in 2023 and will be putting up a big prize bundle for the winners, with cash and stash on the line! You have to qualify for this event by playing in other Northern Series events.

The Northern Series is run at various venues and clubs across the North. Here are more details about the organisers:


We will be running events across three venues this year: Skegness, Redcar and South Shields (Newcastle). You are already on our site, so you can enter any of our events below.


Skyball is based in East Yorkshire. They run events at Bridlington beach and (new for this year), in Leeds! Find out more about them here.


Everton are based in the Liverpool area, and are running a series of events in Crosby. You can see everything they are up to here.

Sprinks Farm

Newly built in 2022, Sprinks Farm is a hidden beach gem. In the small town of Leek, just outside Stoke-on-Trent, Sprinks Farm will be running two slams and a social event this year. Entry for those is via the Fireball site. More details about Sprinks Farm here.

This depends on the specific tournament organiser.They will email you with full details in the days before the tournament.

For Fireball events, you and your partner will receive an email either the day before or 2 days before the tournament with a full schedule of the games. You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your first game!

Whatever you want! We recommend you bring:

  • Comfortable sports clothes
  • Tracksuit/hoody & waterproof jacket or dryrobe
  • Plenty of food & drink
  • Sun cream

In short, yes! We are 100% committed to making our Northern Series events friendly, warm, welcoming events for everyone.

Beginners are welcome. We have designed the Northern Series so it could be your first event or your fiftieth, and you will still have a great time.  The best entry point for beginners is our Socials. These are the lower level events and are designed to be fun, accessible tournaments.

The simple answer is: YES! New for 2023 is our range of Northern Series stash. This will be released in late March, so you can get your gear before the season starts. It will all be ordered via our new Stash Site.

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